Legacy Livestock Beef Pricing

The USDA has ranked Legacy's beef to fall between a Choice and Prime grade, meaning we have the perfect balance of marbling (approximately 80% beef and 20% fat) to give you a juicy, flavor packed steak, roast, or burger. Our Angus are steroid and hormone free, giving you confidence that what you buy is high quality and healthy for you and your family. Give us a try and check out our wide variety of cuts! 

*Quarter, Half, and Whole cows are available upon request.

Ground Beef


Makes approximately 4 burgers.

Dog Bones


Legacy's dogs give it 5 paws!

Beef Patties


You'll get 3 burgers per 1lb package.

Stew Meat


Pieces of steak cut up, full of flavor.

Rolled Rump Roast


A smaller roast, perfect for 2 + leftovers!

Sirloin Tip Roast


A tender piece of beef, great for the dutch oven.

Chuck Roast


Perfect for throwing in the crock pot.

Round Steak


Broil or slow cook for best results.

Chuck Steak


Chuck roast...but a steak!

Fajita Strips


Cut into strips, this is perfect for Taco night!

Bones w/o Meat


A great start to a tasty broth!

Short Ribs


Leave on low temp on the stove or grill!

10 lb Chuck Roast


A tasty slab of beef to smoke, similar to a brisket!

Flat Iron Steak


Cut from the shoulder of the cow.

Skirt Steak


Long and flat, known for it's flavor.

Flank Steak


A lean piece of meat, best cooked to a medium heat.

Beef Brisket


A fan favorite, perfect for the smoker or grill.

Sirloin Steak


A leaner steak, yet full of flavor.

Sizzler Steak


Also a leaner steak, but delicious in taste.

New York Strip Steak


More marbling, leading to a higher quality flavor, one of our higher end steaks.

T-Bone Steak


Named for its T-shaped bone, this is a higher quality steak.

Porterhouse Steak


Leave on low temp on the stove or grill!

Delmonico Steak


One of Legacy's most requested steaks, this piece of meat is tender and full of juicy flavors.

Filet Mignon (Tenderloin)


The most tender piece of meat - comes in a package of 2.

Rib Steak


This is a highly marbled steak, creating intense flavor and tenderness.

Standing Rib Roast


A higher end roast.


Each USDA package is tightly vacuum sealed, to ensure lasting quality.