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Legacy Livestock Beef Pricing

The USDA has ranked Legacy's beef to fall between a Choice and Prime grade, meaning we have the perfect balance of marbling (approximately 80% beef and 20% fat) to give you a juicy, flavor packed steak, roast, or burger. Our Angus are steroid and hormone free, giving you confidence that what you buy is high quality and healthy for you and your family. Give us a try and check out our wide variety of cuts! 

*Quarter, Half, and Whole cows are available upon request.


Chuck Steak | $7/lb

Rib Steak | $17.50/lb

Skirt Steak | $9.50/lb

Porterhouse Steak | $15/lb

Sirloin Steak | $10.25/lb

Flank Steak | $9.50/lb

Filet Mignon | $20/lb

T-Bone Steak | $14/lb

Chuck Roast | $6.50/lb

Flat Iron Steak | $7/lb

Dino Ribs | $6.50/lb

Round Steak | $7/lb

Beef Brisket | $10.00/lb

Legacy's Beef Cuts

Delmonico Steak | $17.50/lb

Sizzler Steak | $10.50/lb

NY Strip Steak | $14/lb

Tri-Tip Steak | $11/lb

Beef Patties (3/1lb pckg) | $5.60/lb

Ground Beef | $5.00/lb

Dog Bones | $5.50/bone

Bones w/o Meat | $5.00/lb

Stew Meat | $5.50/lb

Jerky (Sweet + Spicy, Maple Cherry, Honey BBQ, Teriyaki, Original) | $7/pckg

Organs | Upon Request


Each USDA package is tightly vacuum sealed, to ensure lasting quality. 

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